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Pineland M.B. Church, Inc.

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Here is a picture of Rev. Dr. Charlie Barfield, the pastor for our church. In April 2006, Rev. Barfiled will be celebrating 20 years of service at Pineland.  Rev. Barfield is married to Shirley and has three children and three grand children.
The Pastor Vision 2009

Pineland Missionary Baptist Church

January 2009



My vision is for a church that is built on a biblical pattern with unity, prayer, the word of God, worship and outreach as foundation stones, being governed by the biblical Leadership with a Pastor, developing ministries tailored to specific needs which provided opportunities for growth, discipleship, and service.

The Lord Willing .......

1.      We will have an emphasis on establishing strong FAMILIES

  1. Strengthening marriages Ephesians 5:22-29
  2.  Nurturing godliness in our children Deuteronomy 6:4-9,20
  3. Finding effective avenues of service for our youth Psalm 110:3


2.      We will encourage MEN and WOMEN to fulfill their biblical role in becoming a godly influence in their homes, their work and their leisure. I Timothy 4:16


3.      We will encourage COLLEGE AGE and YOUNG ADULTS to see God's vision for their life, find their place in the body of Christ and become standard bearers for their generation. I Timothy 4:12


4.      We will emphasize CHRISTIAN MATURITY and encourage every member to find their place of ministry and to grow in grace and effectiveness there. Colossians 1:28; Ephesians 4:12-16


5.      We will ask for a spirit of MERCY UPON THE BROKEN AND WOUNDED among us and endeavor to be to them the HEALING HANDS of Christ. Isaiah 61:1 We will nurture a burden for the lost and be active in EVANGELISM. Matthew 28:18-19


6.      We will develop a strong MISSIONS vision by financial support, short term missions teams, and long term missionaries to fields where God will open doors. Acts 1.8b We will also have a "home missions" vision with an emphasis on CHURCH PLANTING. Acts 1:8a


7.      We will bring in OUTSIDE MINISTRY to bless and strengthen both our own local church as well as the Treasure Valley. Ephesians 4:11-12


8.      We will work toward UNITY in our area by NETWORKING with other pastors and churches to bless the body of Christ and to strengthen our CHRISTIAN WITNESS to the community at large. Psalm 133; John 17:21


9.      We will have a burden and LOVE FOR OUR CITY being a voice for righteousness there and reaping a GREAT HARVEST. Matthew 23:37; Luke 19:41; Revelation 22:17


10. We will accept our place as PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE in our city and state which we believe the Lord will give to us. Deuteronomy 28:9-13


11. We will place our church at a STRATEGIC LOCATION AT THE CROSSROADS OF HUMANITY for maximum effectiveness, visibility and influence. Proverbs 1:20-21


12. We will encourage Christian discipleship and nurture CARE FOR EACH OTHER and LOVE FOR THE LOST through WEEKLY EVANGELISTIC SMALL GROUPS. Acts 2:46-47; John 4:35-38



Rev. Patricia Roberts is our Late Associate Pastor. O How We Miss You,
From Your Desk In Heaven the Late Assist. Pastor, Rev. Patricia Roberts
In this unpredictable and changing world, the one thing we can always control is the way we think. While we have little control over circumstances or the actions of others, we can control our reactions to them. And anyone can learn how to think more positively and operate with a better attitude, regardless of circumstances, temperament, or intellect. To begin thinking more positively and leading your people to do the same, follow these guidelines
  1. Act like the person you wish to become.

  2. Cultivate a Consistent Positive Attitude.

  3. Look for the Best in Everyone.


Pineland has the following staff available:
  • Ministerial Staff- (2)
  •  Deacon Staff- (7)
  • Directors of Education- (2)


Ministerial Staff

Florine Farmer, Minister

Joyce Taylor, Minister

Deacon Staff

Clyde Alexander (Chairman)

Sam McGhee

Alfred Martin

Emanuel McGhee

Anthony Feacher

Ronald Herring

Willie Curry

Directors of Education

Deaconess Dr. Pearl Curry

Deacon Willie Curry

Directors of Men's Minisrty

Brother David Siplin


Pastor: Rev. Dr. Charlie L. Barfield

Bro. Desmond Roberson. . . . . . . Dir. of Music

Dr. Pearlie Curry. . . . . . . Dir. Christian Education

Dea. Willie Curry. . . . . . . Sunday School Superintendent

 Co. Dir. Christian Education

Sis. Beatrice Stephens. . . . . . . Children's Ministries

Min. Joyce Taylor. . . . . . . Singles Ministry

Sis. Beatrice Stephens. . . . . . . Church Administrator

Sis. Tami Brown-Wilson. . . . . . . Public Relations/Program Design

Sis. Leuvenia Harper. . . . . . . Greeter's Mimistry

Bro. David Siplin. . . . . . . Men's Ministry

Dea. Alferd Martin. . . . . . . Treasurer

Dea. Clyde Alexander. . . . . . . Chairman/ Deacon

Dea. Sam mcGhee. . . . . . . Chairman/Trustee

Deaconess C. Alexander. . . . . . . Staff Assistant

Sis. Paula McGhee. . . . . . .Church Clerk


Feel free to come by and meet us!

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Pineland M.B. Church, Inc. * 205 SE Old County Camp Rd. * Madison, FL * US * 32340